Providing project management, consulting, and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects

Ainley Projects

Quality Assurance with a Hands-On Approach

Ainley Projects values quality and strives to work closely with clients to produce the very best results for every project.

The company’s directors and senior staff tackle projects directly, working hands-on with clients to ensure the highest quality workmanship and a successful project outcome.

Ainley Projects’ small family approach means that senior staff are always available to answer questions or offer advice throughout the duration of projects, and beyond.

Can Do Attitude

Ainley Projects not only values quality, but also believes in offering the best service to uphold its excellent reputation.

Senior staff are owner-operators and are involved in overseeing project tasks – they take a personal interest in every project. Ainley Projects focuses on getting the job done and resolving any issues that may arise – it doesn’t simply stop because something is not in the contract.

When deadlines are tight, the Ainley Projects team will roll up their sleeves, working weekends and public holidays to get the job completed on time.


As each project is unique, Ainley Projects is flexible in its approach and offer a personalized service specifically tailored for each individual job. It understands that project timelines and tasks may change as the job develops and progresses, and being flexible enables the team to easily adapt to these needs to ensure each client project runs smoothly.

Experienced Staff

Ainley Projects’ core staff has a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing a broad mix of skills, experience and qualifications to every job. When necessary, Ainley Projects taps into its extensive network of trusted specialist consultants who work closely with the company on a regular basis.

High Values

The team at Ainley Projects has a strong work ethos, but more importantly strive to uphold strong family, business and ethical values. To ensure that each and every project undertaken is completed to the best of its ability, and that its clients are 100% satisfied, Ainley Projects bring the following values to every job, no matter how big or small:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Safety

For further information on Ainley Projects’ methodology, contact one of the team today for an obligation-free meeting.