Providing project management, consulting, and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects

Ainley Projects

Ainley Projects provides project management, consulting and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects. Ainley Projects draws on the diverse range of skills its team has to offer. The combined experience in engineering, planning and coastal management strategically positions it to be able to successfully take on a wide range of coastal projects.

Unique Environment

The Australian coastal environment is unique – it is a harsh, dynamic environment that is increasingly under pressure from human impacts.

The effects of natural elements and the forces of nature, and impacts of climate change – including storm surge, and severe weather – are putting added pressure on coastal regions.


Careful Planning & Attention to Detail is Key

Coastal projects require careful planning and a unique skill set in order to resolve the often complex issues that project managers face – especially when undertaking projects in a harsh, yet extremely sensitive, coastal environment. There is a strong connection to – and passion for – the coast, so consequently the needs of all user groups need to be taken into account and balanced. There are often competing interests between coastal users, however they all have a passion for the coast.

The team at Ainley Projects understand these unique issues and sensitivities, and has the skills and capacity to work around them to ensure all coastal projects are completed with success.

Coastal Planning and Management

Australia’s extensive coastline is increasingly coming under intense pressure from urban development, tourism and recreational activities.

Coastal zones are one of the most sensitive ecosystems, yet they are also in high demand due to their natural beauty and the opportunities they offer.

The team at Ainley Projects has in-depth knowledge and experience in coastal management issues. It understands the needs of the coastal communities as well as the environment. This knowledge enables Ainley Projects to find the delicate balance between coastal development and coastal protection.

By providing eco-friendly solutions that safeguard the sensitive coastal environment, Ainley Projects can achieve a win-win situation for both coastal users and coastal ecosystems.

Coastal Planning

Ainley Projects works with all levels of government, coastal managers, key stakeholders and community groups to develop coastal management plans, coastal action plans, and master plans that recommend effective strategies to resolve issues.

Its team of experts come from a diverse background, offering a unique mix of skills, qualifications and experience to help address and resolve the often complex issues involved with coastal planning and management.

Ainley Projects’ hands-on professional and personal approach means its clients are guaranteed superior service from a dedicated and passionate team that are fully committed to the successful outcome of their project.

In-house Engineering Specialist

In addition to its resident planner and project manager, who offers extensive experience in coastal planning and development, Ainley Projects also has an experienced engineer in-house.

Having this exceptional knowledge and expertise readily available means Ainley Projects can offer project superintendent services, and directly supervise the implementation of projects. Having this internal specialist service provides a huge cost benefit – a saving that is passed on to its clients.

Experience in a Diverse Range of Coastal Projects 

Ainley Projects has the skills and experience to project manage a diverse range of coastal projects.

Typical coastal projects managed by Ainley Projects include:

  • boat ramp and marina construction
  • beach renourishment
  • coastal management plans
  • site master plans
  • dry stack boat storage.

The company and its staff strive to uphold strict ethical values and only undertake projects that benefit local communities, do not negatively impact the environment, and are economically viable in the long-term.