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Ainley Projects
Drystack Boat Storage

Ainley Projects has been involved in the engineering design, feasibility assessment, coastal planning and project management of drystack boat storage facilities throughout Australia and around the world. This has included managing the projects from inception to completion, obtaining all necessary approvals and supervising construction. Ainley Projects, particularly Graeme Ainley, is a recognised leader in Drystack Boat Storage with his knowledge sought worldwide.

Drystack boat storage offers a “care free” boating experience, where boat owners can have their boat securely stored, then book their boat in advance and arrive at the venue to find it in the water and ready for use. This process eliminates the hassles associated with storing a boat at home, transporting it to a location, putting it in the water and finding car and boat trailer parking.


Drystack boat storage is a fantastic solution for built up coastal areas.  It reduces the need for large parking areas along the coast (that are required for cars and trailers associated with boat ramps) and does not encroach on scarce water space.  Drystack boat storage facilities also offer opportunities for value adding, through cafes, retail shops, boat sales, boat building, clubrooms and many other possibilities.

Ainley Projects have been involved in:

  • Queenscliff Drystack Boat Storage – Victoria
  • Mandurah Drystack Boat Storage – Western Australia
  • Fremantle Boat Park – Western Australia
  • Gold Coast City Marina – Queensland
  • Pier 35 – Melbourne
  • Orams Boat Park – Auckland, New Zealand
  • Tauranga Boat Park – New Zealand
  • Port Forum – Spain