Providing project management, consulting, and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects

Ainley Projects

Ainley Projects provides project management, consulting and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects. It oversees community projects while working closely with key stakeholders and communities in the planning and implementation of community projects.

Liaising with community groups, management boards and local charities, Ainley Projects manages projects from inception through to completion, ensuring the successful outcome of every community project undertaken. Ainley Projects also assists groups with funding applications for eligible projects.

Hands-on Approach

Ainley Projects’ small but tightly knit team are approachable every step of the way for advice, feedback and assistance. All staff are hands-on and focused on getting the job done effectively.

Ainley Projects are prepared to work weekends and public holidays when necessary to achieve goals, meet deadlines and find the best solutions that enable the company to exceed client expectations.

A family orientated approach benefits community projects, which often require prompt report backs, frequent updates and supporting documentation, which is not always readily available when dealing with larger corporate organisations. Ainley Projects’ dedication and commitment to every project ensures success for the benefit of the communities it serves.

Strong Community Focus

Ainley Projects has a proven track record of successfully managing both small- and large-scale community projects. It works strictly within assigned budgets and deadlines to ensure that every job is completed successfully, on time, and to its clients’ satisfaction.

Ainley Projects’ strong community focus ensures that projects undertaken enhance local communities. It is absolutely vital that all community projects that the company embarks on are economically viable and that the communities will benefit from the projects.

The Ainley Projects team address any issues that arise to try to find a workable solution that is acceptable to all parties concerned.

In-house Engineering Specialist

In addition to its resident planner and project manager, who offers extensive experience in community planning and development, Ainley Projects also has an experienced engineer in-house.

Having this exceptional knowledge and expertise readily available means Ainley Projects offers project superintendent services, and directly supervises the implementation and construction of projects. Having this internal specialist service provides a huge cost benefit –saving that is passed on to clients.