Providing project management, consulting, and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects

Ainley Projects

Ainley Projects offers consulting, project management and engineering services for coastal, community and environmental projects, as well as providing expert advice on a range of environmental compliance issues.

Ainley Projects takes environmental issues seriously and strives to find solutions to protect the natural environment and sensitive environmental areas, while overseeing and managing its clients’ projects.

Environmental Compliance

Ainley Projects provides personal service and professional advice, working closely with clients at all times to ensure projects run smoothly and comply with relevant environmental legislation to avoid running into unnecessary and unforeseen challenges.

Environmental Management

Ainley Projects has an award-winning environmental consultant in-house who offers a wealth of experience in environmental management, including bushfire management.

Environmental management services include:

  • Company environmental management plans – helping companies understand their impact on the environment, and documenting how they can reduce and manage this impact.
  • Construction environmental management plans – plans for construction sites that identify environmental issues need to be carefully managed and resolved during the construction process.
  • Resolution of environmental planning issues – this includes bushfire management and other environmental issues addressed in the planning permit process.
  • Long term strategic environmental management plans – these relate to specific environmental issues, projects or locations.
Learn more about Ainley Projects Bushfire Assessment

Learn more about Ainley Projects Bushfire Assessment

Sound Environmental Practices

Ainley Projects works closely with clients to help them fully understand the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects, formulating and implementing practical solutions to minimise the impact on the environment.

By following sound environmental management practices, Ainley Projects helps clients successfully achieve their goals, while still maintaining environmental integrity and operating within the confines of environmental regulations.

Mitigating Environmental Impacts

Ainley Projects’ environmental consultant assesses each project to determine any potential environmental impacts, and to develop a sound environmental management plan – this  mitigates any negative effects that the project may have on the natural environment.