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Client name: kingston city council
Location: south-east, melbourne
Services offered: project management, environmental management & community consultation

The Ainley Projects team worked closely with Kingston City Council, local special interest groups, the community and specialist consultants to put together the first Kingston Biodiversity Strategy in 2006.
The City of Kingston is in south east Melbourne and biodiversity in the municipality is under pressure from residential and industrial development, changed land uses and the past introduction of pest plants and animals.
The goal of the strategy was to protect and enhance local biodiversity across the municipality and to appropriately support all wider biodiversity initiatives.
Key actions in the strategy focused on:

  • identifying, protecting and managing remnant indigenous vegetation.
  • undertaking and encouraging re-vegetation using local indigenous species.
  • reducing negative impacts on biodiversity within and beyond Kingston’s boundaries that arise from activities within the municipality.
  • increasing the local communities’ awareness, appreciation and understanding of biodiversity and create opportunities for participation in biodiversity management.
  • working in partnership with neighboring municipalities and other land managers and stakeholders to enhance and protect biodiversity.

Community and stakeholder consultation was an important component of the project. We worked with a community reference group of 15 interested local residents who were integral in ensuring the final strategy was localised, realistic and achievable.

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