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fish cleaning tables

Ainley Projects has managed Fisheries Victoria’s Fish Cleaning Table installation program for the last 4 years. We have coordinated 30 installations at some of the best fishing spots in Victoria.

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  • Client name: Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries Victoria
  • Location: Victoria wide
  • Services offered: project management, coastal planning, community consultation

Extensive liaison with angling clubs, environmental groups, local councils and other authorities has been a key part of this project.  While the fish cleaning tables are only a small piece of infrastructure; planning, environmental and heritage approvals are often required due to the natural surroundings of the areas where they are installed.

Locations are nominated by local anglers and then assessed and prioritised in consultation with VRFish and Department of Primary Industries.  If the location is deemed appropriate Ainley Projects works with stakeholders to facilitate approvals and installation.

Management of fish waste is an issue at some locations.  Through extensive research we have developed a system where solid and liquid waste from the fish cleaning tables are separated, with the liquid discharged and the solid waste stored in a cylinder for future collection.

Through this program, fish cleaning tables have been installed around Port Phillip Bay and Westernport, Phillip Island, throughout the Gippsland coastal area and Gippsland Lakes, and at several locations along the western Victorian coast.  Inland sites include Lake Bullen Merri, Lake Purrumbete and the Curdies River.

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