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foreshore beach renourishment program

Ainley Projects was engaged by the DSE to manage the renourishment of three severely eroded beaches along Port Phillip Bay. Beach renourishment is a major task with tonnes of sand moved onto and around the beach to match a designed beach profile. It is a task that attracts much public and media interest, so management of safety and public access is critical.

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  • Client name: Department of Sustainability and Environment
  • Location: Altona beach, Aspendale beach, Elwood beach
  • Services offered: project management & superintendent

Ainley Projects management of these beach renourishment projects included management of contractors, site inspections, certification of invoice claims against weigh bridge dockets, testing of sand for moisture, gradient and contamination, management of OH&S and public access.

At Altona beach severe erosion had left the beach approximately 3m wide.  Over 10 months, we managed the distribution of 66 tonnes of sand along a 1km stretch of beach which increased the foreshore width from 3m to 40m. The beach is now a widely utilised resource for a range of active and passive recreational activities.

Aspendale beach was renourished to give it more width to allow more area for community recreational activities.  Over 3 months 10 tonnes of sand was placed on the beach.  The sand matched the existing beach sand perfectly and created a vastly improved beach area and greater erosion protection.

The renourishment works at Elwood spanned 8 months, and involved the placement of 58 tonnes of sand to create a 25m wide beach area.  The erosion had removed a significant amount of sand from the beach so it had to be built both up to meet footpath level and out to give significant area for community use.

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