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Foreshore Future Access Planning
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coastal project

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  • Client name: hobsons bay city council
  • Location: altona & seaholme, melbourne
  • Services offered: coastal planning, engineering, community and stakeholder consultation, feasibility assessment

The objective of this pioneering project was to plan for the future impacts of climate change on the existing seawall and review the location and design of beach access ways. In the low lying areas of Altona and Seaholme (along Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne’s west) the seawall and some access ways are already impacted by storm surge and erosion, often resulting in flooding of adjacent roads and residences. The foreshore is frequently used by walkers, runners and cyclists, kayakers, kite suffers and other beach goers.

By looking at the condition and design of existing access ways, predominant foreshore uses and predicted sea level rise scenarios for the area, our team identified opportunities to rationalise the access ways into 11 that were purpose designed, could progressively accommodate the future impacts of climate change and cater for people of all abilities. A concept for upgrading of the seawall was developed and can be progressively implemented as the need arises.

Community consultation with the Life Saving Club, Triathlon Club, kite surfers, walkers and other beach users was an important component of this project and ensured actions and solutions were feasible.

Several design concepts were developed and many innovative solutions were identified. A detailed report outlined actions and priorities. A key challenge with this project was to balance the current and future needs of users, understand the predicted impacts of climate change, and develop concepts that consider asset life and cost.

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