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gippsland boating coastal action plan

Nowhere else in Victoria, or perhaps even Australia, is there such a variety of recreational boating experiences available as the Gippsland coastal area. Recreational boating enthusiasts can enjoy everything from kayaking and canoeing to ocean fishing, sailing, water skiing, boat touring, jet skiing and more. Modern state of the art boating facilities and simple beach based boat launching support this activity.

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  • Client name: Gippsland Coastal Board
  • Location: Gippsland coastal region from Inverloch to Mallacoota
  • Services offered: project management, strategic coastal planning, stakeholder and community engagement

Ainley Projects worked closely with the Gippsland Coastal Board, Government agencies, 4 Shires, 8 volunteer Committees of Management and many other community based groups to develop the Gippsland Boating Coastal Action Plan.

A Boating Coastal Action Plan (BCAP) is identified in the Victorian Coastal Strategy as a way to strategically plan for the future of boating.  It is a public document prepared in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 1995.

Our approach to this project involved an initial review of the existing 2002 Gippsland Boating Coastal Action Plan, condition assessment of all of the recreational boating facilities and extensive consultation with all stakeholders.  This consultation involved onsite discussions with over 200 recreational boating facility users, meetings with 40 community groups and 3 public workshops.  Our project team enjoyed hearing the range of views and discovering some stunning coastal locations.

Emerging issues were identified and a strategic direction and principles developed. We went beyond our scope to ensure the delivery of a relevant, balanced and comprehensive Gippsland Boating Coastal Action Plan.

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