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environmental project

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  • Client name: kingston city council and the environmental protection agency (epa)
  • Location: south-east, Melbourne
  • Services offered: engineering, environmental management & stakeholder consultation

Ainley Projects unique mix of skills was pivotal to the success of this project. Working closely with City of Kingston and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we identified and developed options for the management of stormwater pollution from industrial areas. With more than 4000 industrial premises within Kingston, pollution from industrial premises is a high risk.

The project explored the practicality of structural isolation treatment options in terms of construction, maintenance, impact on use, occupational health and safety and protection to stormwater quality.
Options were tested at a workshop with builders, owners, leasing agents, tenants, manufacturers and warehouse operators. The findings of the project were:

  • a recessed area over the loading bay or a trench grate at the doorway is the preferred option.
  • an apron bund is a workable option if a trench grate is installed, but is expensive.
  • a collapsible bund is too reliant on maintenance.
  • a ramp was unworkable due to forklift operation and safety, and a sunken floor created a high risk of flooding.

Engineering and environmental management skills were essential in delivering this ground-breaking project. The success of this project was recognised with a Stormwater Industry Association award.

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