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kids under cover bungalow program

The renowned Kids Under Cover bungalow program is about installing much-needed bungalows for identified at risk youth. These eco-friendly bungalows go in existing backyards which create challenges in working in a confined space and access.

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community project

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  • Client name: Kids under cover
  • Location: Victoria, Queensland, ACT
  • Services offered: project management, planning and approvals, engineering advice

Ainley Projects managed and coordinated the project over a four year period, overseeing the installation of more than 200 bungalows across Victoria, Queensland and the ACT.  Our role was crucial and had us involved from the initial identification of the site through to final checking and handover.  This involved coordinating the preparation of site plans, liaising with Councils and other authorities for approvals and permits where required, resolving installation problems and identifying solutions, managing contractors and suppliers, and overseeing the final approval and handover of completed installations.

For more than four years we refined our skills in running multiple bungalow installation projects simultaneously while managing tight timeframes and workloads. We were always able to put in the extra work to ensure that urgent installations were delivered when required.   Our commitment to this worthwhile project was evident in the pro-bono time and services that our engineer committed.

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