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Queenscliff Harbour Drystack Boat Storage
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  • Client name: Queenscliff Harbour
  • Location: Queenscliff, Victoria
  • Services offered: project management, superintendent and engineering

The unique skills of the Ainley Projects team were applied in the design and project management of the Queenscliff Harbour drystack boat storage development.
We provided architectural and engineering design for the drystack development and adjacent buildings, as well as project management and superintendent services for the construction.

Working closely with the Harbour’s development team, we ensured that the project was designed and delivered in line with existing heritage values and future plans for the site. The profile, roof structure and shape of the existing heritage building was preserved and internally converted to contemporary drystack boat storage. Amenities, marina management offices, and a customer longue were incorporated into the development.

Our unique understanding of drystack boat storage and recreational boating requirements, allowed us to design structurally independent frames for boat storage to three levels and a sliding door system design with weight restricted doors that could be manually moved to allow access to any boat in the rack.

The drystack boat storage was an important component of the total Queenscliff Harbour development. The Ainley Projects team demonstrated their ability to work professionally with a range of different agencies and stakeholders, ensuring that site safety was followed, environmental and heritage values protected and high quality outcomes achieved.

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