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volvo round the world yacht race

Ainley Projects was the Project Manager of the Melbourne Stopover Site in the 2006 Volvo Round the World Ocean Race.

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  • Client name: Events Melbourne
  • Location: Docklands, Melbourne
  • Project value: $7 million
  • Services offered: project management, superintendent, engineering

Our involvement in this high-profile race included supervising the construction of the competitors’ site village, syndicate work compound, and boat yard area.  Involving workers from all over the world presented some unique challenges in ensuring OH&S requirements were followed and site inductions and processes were adequately understood.  The timeframe for this component of the project was tight, with only 10 days from when we gained control of the site, to the arrival of the yachts.  We coordinated the decommissioning of the site after the boats left Melbourne before handing the area back to Vicurban two weeks later.

Ainley projects undertook the engineering design on the yacht haulout facility and yacht transit cradle on the site.  Our experienced engineer, who also has a passion for yachting, was able to overcome the challenges presented by the size of the yachts and constrained area on-site.

Managing marina logistics during the race event was also part of our Project Management role.  Spectator boats came from all over Melbourne to visit the precinct and see the yachts and rigorous berthing allocation and management was essential in ensuring everyone was able to enjoy the experience.

The high profile project was subject to intense scrutiny from the yacht racing teams, sponsors, media and Melbourne Special Events throughout the entire planning and programming.  Our professional management of this project ensured a smooth and very successful race stopover in Melbourne.

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